Time and attendance solutions

Payroll errors, under or overstaffing and inefficient time logging can cost you significant amounts of money. Do you need to increase productivity by reducing employee lateness, unauthorised long breaks and early departures? Does clocking in and filling in time sheets take up too much time? Do you need to record staff absences due to accidents and sicknesses for insurance reasons. Time and attendance (workforce management) solutions are designed to empower organizations to automate the often time consuming process of tracking employee productivity.

We offer dormakaba’s solutions for time tracking, time and labor data collection, and time evaluation.

Our data collection terminals support time entry, leave requests, and employee self-service, with an intuitive interface and modern touch screen design.

The stylish terminals are easy to install, simple to operate, and can be customised and upgraded to your exact requirements. Dormakaba workforce management terminals can be seamlessly integrated with various time and attendance applications using the B-COMM communication software. Alternatively, they can be integrated directly into your ERP system.

With seamless integration to world-class ERP systems, (i.e. SAP, Oracle, Microsoft), Kaba’s scalable solutions are used worldwide across a diverse range of industries.

More technical details on time and attendance solutions can be found in brochures you can download on this page. For more information on this or any other solution please contact us directly.




thumbnail of dormalaba terminal 93-60
dormalaba terminal 93-60
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thumbnail of dormakaba-terminal-96-00-brochure
thumbnail of Dormakaba B-COMM radni dan
Dormakaba B-COMM radni dan
thumbnail of Dormakaba B-COM ERP 5 Miicrosoft Dynamics ax
Dormakaba B-COM ERP 5 Miicrosoft Dynamics ax
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Dormakaba B -COMM ERP 5 SAP