Sliding doors

If you need modern, elegant and space saving entrance solutions automatic sliding doors are the right choice for you. Sliding doors are suitable for use in various buildings – office space buildings, shopping malls and retail, hotels, restaurants, residential buildings, airports, railway or bus stations, etc.

Automatic or manual, they come in different dimensions and could be made of different materials. They can be operated by sensors, remote controls or buttons. By adding RFID readers and controllers they could also be integrated in access control systems, interlocks, emergency exit systems, etc.

We offer solutions for automatic sliding doors with different sizes, security levels and weight. Apart from automatic sliding door solutions we offer manually operated sliding doors of exceptional design suitable for use on various locations.

GBD offers automatic and manual sliding door solutions from Dormakaba, GEZE and Gilgen.

More technical details on sliding doors can be found in brochures you can download on this page. For more information on this or any other solution please contact us directly.



thumbnail of Dormakaba automatska klizna vrata
Dormakaba automatska klizna vrata
thumbnail of Geze automatska klizna vrata
Geze automatska klizna vrata
thumbnail of Gilgen automatska vrata
Gilgen automatska vrata
thumbnail of Gilgen_automatska_klizna_vrata
Gilgen automatska klizna vrata