Security interlocks

In some facilities with high-security areas and special access rules (banks, government buildings, nuclear power-plants, jewelry shops, etc.) there is a need for finding solutions for preventing more than one authorised person at the time to enter some building or some areas of the building.

Security interlocks meet the most exacting security requirements and offer optimum protection for the sensitive areas of a building. The required safety levels are provided individually: from the authorisation of staff access by a card reader or code keyboard to verification of identity using biometric systems in the interior of the lock.

Security interlocks can be equipped with a range of different resistance classes, biometric verification, weight checking, or one or two-zone contact mats.

Interlocks work as a system of mainly two doors that are connected to each other in a way to prevent both doors being open at the same time. They can be cylindrical or cubic with security levels up to WK 4. A second person can be detected in the interior of the lock by the incorporation of contact mats or a weighing system. Additional biometric identification systems in the interior help to identify users and rule out misuse. They can be integrated in any access control system and also have emergency exit function.

We offer security interlocks manufactured by Dormakaba and Acetech. Also, we offer tailor-made security interlocks designed and made by GBD based on the needs and wishes of our clients.

More technical details on security interlocks can be found in brochures you can download on this page. For more information on this or any other solution please contact us directly.




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