Half-height turnstiles

Half-height turnstiles are ideal for use in stylish interiors thanks to their wide range of design options. These stylish turnstiles and swing doors provide an effective way of managing the flow of visitors and staff in prestigious entrance foyers, VIP areas or at the entrance to management floors. All units can be combined with time recording systems and ID readers, including contactless and biometric systems.

We also offer half-height turnstiles with more robust design and construction suitable for outdoor use in various sports and industrial facilities.

More technical details on half-height turnstiles can be found in brochures you can download on this page. For more information on this or any other solution please contact us directly.




thumbnail of Tiso rotaciona barijera Cyclone half-height turnstile
Tiso rotaciona barijera Cyclone
thumbnail of Tiso rotaciona barijera-star-gs half-height turnstile
Tiso rotaciona barijera-star-gs
thumbnail of Tiso rotaciona barijera-star-ts half-height turnstile
Tiso rotaciona barijera-star-ts
thumbnail of dormakaba rotacione barijere half-height turnstiles
dormakaba rotacione barijere