Guiding elements and reader posts

Besides various barriers and turnstiles we offer pedestrian guides reader posts that are often used in combination with them.

Pedestrian guiding bars professionally finish off all half-height units to the immediate environment. Pedestrian guiding bars bridge gaps to walls, lifts or to the reception. The timeless stainless steel design elegantly fits into any environment.

All pedestrian guiding bars are suitable for installation outdoors.

High-grade stainless steel reader posts round off access systems. Readers for access control are professionally integrated within them. The slot is linked to the read function with certain supporting columns, to ensure that identity cards can be returned with ease on leaving a building or premises.

More technical details on these items can be found in brochures you can download on this page. For more information on this or any other solution please contact us directly.




thumbnail of kabadorma dodatna oprema za barijere additional equipment for barriers
kabadorma dodatna oprema za barijere
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Tiso sakupljac kartica