Retractable bollards protect pedestrian zones in Belgrade

Belgrade, 5 November 2018 – Bollards from our offer have been installed on several locations in downtown Belgrade. This is done as a part of the activities on the renovation of pedestrian zones in the city center. The City of Belgrade bought certain number of semi-automatic bollards from the GBD after the conducted public procurement. The photos show our bollards installed in Dečanska Street near the Youth Center in Belgrade.

These semi-automatic bollards come from the Ukrainian manufacturer TISO and they meet the highest standards in this field. Their role is to prevent and control the flow of traffic into pedestrian zones and parking. When necessary, they can be lowered in order to enable vehicles to pass. After passing the vehicle, the bollards are raised, and the passage is again closed. These bollards are suitable for preventing the passage of vehicles in different locations (entry to pedestrian zones, entry to the yards, parking entry and more). They are installed in the substrate and can be raised and lowered manually, semi-automatic and automatic. They can also have an increased level of impact resistance which makes them an effective means of anti-terrorist protection. All these options can be found in our offer. If you are interested in bollards or some other road blocking solutions, our offer can be viewed here.