Ticketing system

Technology has changed the way tickets for various events are sold as well as how the access of visitors to these events is organised. It has made them more efficient and enabled better control and monitoring of visitors number.

We offer solution composed of both software and hardware components. Software solution offers possibility of selling tickets and simultaneously provides data on number of sold tickets, taken seats locations and other useful information. Hardware solutions offer efficient control of visitors’ access to venues where events are organised. We offer various types of barriers, full-height and half-height turnstiles that can be used for that purpose. These hardware solutions are integrated with the software solution and offer efficient access control to event venues no matter they are indoor or outdoor.

The ways tickets are sold could be different and include one or combination of following examples:

  • Box office (ticket booth) sale
  • Internet sale (e-tickets)
  • Self-service ticketing kiosks
  • Third party ticket sale (selling tickets through specialised vendors)


Tickets could be different:

  • Printed tickets with barcode or some other identification solution for individual entrance to event (printed at the moment of issuing)
  • Electronic tickets – RFID technology cards or wristbands suitable for multiple use (season tickets or tickets for events that last for several days, etc)

This solution could be used in various venues such as sports facilities (stadiums, swimming pools, arenas, etc.), cultural institutions (museums, historical complexes, art galleries, etc.) or in the public transport facilities (bus stations, railway stations, metro stations, etc).

More technical details on ticketing solution can be found in brochures you can download on this page. For more information on this or any other solution please contact us directly.



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