We create solutions based on needs and wishes of our clients

About Us

GBD is one of the leading system integrators in the field of technical security with solutions for protection of various facilities and buildings and efficient pedestrian and vehicles access control. We assist investors, designers and construction companies in designing and implementation of projects in this field.
Our knowledge and experience make us one of the leaders in the field of technical security. We provide services such as design, consulting, equipment sale and installation, maintenance and servicing of equipment.

GBD was founded in 2005 and has realised a number of different projects in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria.

We cherish our corporative values:

  • Dedication
  • Creativity
  • Reliability

At the beginning of our cooperation we ask our clients a lot of questions because we believe that thorough preparation is key for successful realisation of a project. We are fully dedicated to work we do.

As our clients put us in front of challenging requests we do our best to create for them the most appropriate solutions. There are no impossible missions for us in the fields of our work.

We have clients that we work with continuously from the very first day we founded our company. We work hard in order to be reliable partner to our clients. Our goal is to last long.

Continuous investments in education of our employees comes as the result of our belief that this is the best way to fulfill the needs and wishes of our clients. Therefore we have all necessary certificates for installation and maintenance and servicing the equipment and solutions we offer to our clients.

We have gained ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certificates in order to assure our clients that we are capable of providing them with the high-quality services that can match the quality of the technical solutions we offer. Following the Serbian regulations, we also have all the necessary official state licenses for design and installation of technical security solutions as well as the license for risk assessment. Besides that, we have certificates issued by the manufacturers of equipment and software we offer that we are trained and authorized to work with that specific equipment and solutions.

Our team is composed of trained and experienced experts dedicated to finding solutions that can fulfill needs and wishes of our clients.

Complexity of projects we have worked on so far made us to create team composed of experts from various fields such as electronics, ICT, mechanics, precise mechanics, software development… We are proud of our people and their ability to successfully create solutions for our clients.